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There are also a lot of places in Kelantan that you can go for shopping! :D All these places gives you great variety of goods and the price is also affordable. You are not going to regret it...:) You must survey and bargain before buying any goods. Don't forget to find a friendly dealer as when the dealers are friendly and treat you well, it is easier to bid for. Happy buyers, traders even easier.

1.  Kota Bharu - Capital of Kelantan State

Kota Bharu is the capital of Kelantan state and the name means 'new city' or new 'castle/fort' in Malay. There a lot of places that you can visit in Kota Bharu. For shopping, you can go to KB Mall or Billion, and also Parkson. Parkson is the anchor tenant for this shopping mall. These two buildings are connected by an overpass on the second floor. Other shopping centers in Kota Bharu are Pelangi Mall, Kota Seri Mutiara, Pantai Timur, and The Store.

2. Pasar Siti Khadijah

In Kota Bharu, there is one place that you can visit and enjoy shopping which is Pasar Siti Khadijah. This market is a tourist icon and it is a symbol of shopping especially clothes and groceries for most tourists and locals. The dealers who monopolized by womenfolk, make this market as a unique tourist attraction.

This market consist of  3 floor. Usually on the ground floor, there are fruits and vegetables. while on the first floor there are variety of foods are sold, for example 'keropok segera', 'dodol', 'serunding' and many more. Lastly, on the second floor and it is going to be the favorite place for women as there will be a lot of batik, beautiful cloths, songket, scarves, sarong, prayer cloths, blouse, T-shirt, crafts, bags, shoes, flowers, vases, glassware, jewelry, cosmetics , coloring mat, cap embroidery items and children's toys.

3. Rantau Panjang & Pengkalan Kubor - Duty Free Shopping Centre :)

Rantau Panjang is a famous shopping place in Kelantan. It is open early in the morning at 8 am to 6 pm. During the school holidays, Rantau Panjang is the busiest and most crowded place in Kelantan. Peak hours are between the 11 noon to 4 pm. This is the most popular markets and most suitable if you want to buy affordable and cheap goods from the neighboring country, Thailand.

Pengkalan Kubor in Tumpat Kelantan is another place shopping local products made ​​in Thailand and quite famous among visitors. Known as Tax Free  or Duty Free Zone Pengkalan Kubor. There are various of goods made from Thailand also sold in Pengkalan Kubor including the football jersey, comforter, pots and pans, other kitchen items and so on.

4. Pasar Malam Wakaf Che Yeh

Wakaf Che Yeh is an open night market that located about 7 km outside the city of Kota Bharu. Has an area of ​​quarter acre, it is a place to buy local snacks, fruits and fresh vegetables and seafood. There is also a row of stalls selling a variety of merchants, menswear, and womenswear.

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